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 Vechs walked along the rooftop, his eyes trained on the busy streets down below instead of his surroundings. A cry from a guard rose out and somehow, the new apprentice managed to avoid an unseen arrow heading his way. He let out a grunt in dissatisfaction before running to meet the shooting guard.

Narrowly avoiding the arrows the guard continued to shoot at him, he flanked the guard and met his target of his opponent’s neck with his hidden blade. He rolled the thought of hiding the body around in his head before shrugging and walking back to his former path. At least, he planned on doing that. Instead he was met with the shadowed, disgruntled face of his teacher, Paul Soares Jr.

“You weren’t just going to walk away from a body without hiding it, right?” Paul asked in a tone the made Vechs cringe.

“No?” He answered at first, his voice peaking at the end of the word. When he saw the gaze of his teacher transform into a glare, he knew he had answered poorly. “Fine, I’ll go hide the stupid thing.”

Picking up the heavier than expected body and moving it into a nearby rooftop garden, was easier thought about than done. But with Paul staring him down, he had little choice in the matter.

When he was finished, Vechs patted his hands against his assassin’s garb. “Happy now?”

“Vechs, don’t make me regret my decision of vouching for you when you were a recruit. Members of the guild are not happy with your stride to begin with, you shouldn’t be giving them more reasons against you.” Paul advised as he walked away from the other, the cape of his assassin’s robe flowing in a sudden gust of wind.

The apprentice kept his mouth closed, knowing his teacher was right and lacking a proper retort. He nodded, closing his eyes for a brief moment then found himself suddenly alone.


One of the leaders of the guards was to be Vechs’ highest ranking target yet. It was unlikely someone of his rank would ever receive a target like this until promotion. So, he needed to make this perfect and prove he was a member the guild could keep.

He didn’t take into account the amount of armor and skill his target held. Vechs had become so used to low ranking guards, he never once thought anything about the skill of the higher ranking ones. His first a d only plan of waltzing right up with his hidden blade for the quick kill went south fast.

More guards flooded to his position as the leader easily fought his main attack off. Archers fired at him and he grabbed the nearest thing for cover. He didn’t realized what his ‘cover’ was until the arrow fire stopped for a brief moment. His ‘cover’ had been a nearby cowering woman, who now was dead because of the multiple arrows lodged in her front.

Vechs panicked, dropping the body and somehow avoiding every guard as he ran up a wall and onto a rooftop. He ran as fast as he could, barely hearing his fast pursuers over the large gusts of wind. One very large gust, took his hood right off, exposing his face to those who could spot it.

His mind was a mess of panicking thoughts, so he allowed his body to take him away from the situation. That was his last mistake.

A hand grabbed his arm and pulled him into a nearby rooftop garden. Another hand covered his mouth as the guards ran past he garden, still looking for Vechs. After a few minutes, the hand around his mouth let go but the one tightly gripping his arm stayed in its place.

“Vechs,” He knew that voice, it was his teacher, Paul. Instead of Paul’s normal fatherly tone, he held something that made Vechs think of a strict leader. “You have failed the creed.”

Vechs suddenly felt his heart beat in his throat.

“You are responsible for the death of an innocent, you allowed yourself to be revealed, and you almost harmed the brotherhood by nearly leading your pursuers back to the guild.” Paul stated, his voice barely hinting any tones besides anger.

The apprentice hung his head in shame, knowing what would happen next.

“You have broken the three tenets of the brotherhood’s creed.” Paul’s voice rose for a second, but died down into a strained tone by his next sentence. “You will be punished.”

There was a blow to the side of Vechs neck and he welcomed the darkness that came. 


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